Each School as well as Corporate buses are equipped with twenty stylish, safe & stress-free features that provide comfort, convenience & protection to the children traveling in it. Some of these are:

  • Fluorescent exterior to enhance visibility with a prominent school bus logo for easy identification
  • Lowered step for easy boarding of children
  • Bright luminescent 'STOP' sign on the door to caution other drivers during embarking & disembarking
  • Comfortable seats with bottle holders
  • Large 'Emergency Exit' at rear
  • Tooth guard with additional padding to protect children from injury
  • Retractable handles for support during sharp turns / sudden stops
  • Extra-large windows with padding and guardrails
  • Door alarm & Stop Switch to alert the driver
  • Anti-skid flooring, guiderails & grab handles to prevent children from slipping & getting injured
  • Separate partition for driver cabin
  • Special racks below for the convenience of keeping school bags

Our Buses

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